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About Us


Because everyone deserves to live in a contaminant free environment.

Who we are

Healthy Homes and Gardens provides a range of different services aimed at providing semi-quantitative data that allows customers to take control of their exposure to hazardous materials.

Using leading portable XRF technology, our aim is to educate and assist the community in minimising the risk of exposure to potential hazardous contaminants, such as lead in paint.

Based in Perth, Australia, Healthy Homes and Gardens is a sister company to Portable Spectral Services, focusing on the domestic market.


Our Instagram and Facebook feeds will always keep you up to date on the latest tips, tricks, facts and information on contaminants in your home.


It is estimated there are more than 3.7 million homes in Australia, built prior to 1970 that were previously decorated with lead paint.

Our Story

Healthy Homes and Gardens was established in 2014 to help identify lead in paint and heavy metals in domestic homes and gardens. Our focus has always been on the community and how we can educate and assist through our services.

Originally established for analysing lead in paint and heavy metals in soils, we have expanded our services to include testing for restricted materials (RoHS), ceramics, and chicken keeps.

Our services are based in research and development, with each service only being offered after significant time has been taken to develop it. 

Our goal is to continue research and development to offer more and more ways of finding contaminants in domestic settings.

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