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Christmas Nasties

Christmas lunch table items, antique or imported gifts. What could be concealing lead this Christmas in your home?



Clear crystal/glass – lead is used for clarity Coloured glass – lead is used for pigment Tinted glass – lead is used for clarity and colour Hand painted crystal/glass – lead is often found in old paints

While these are beautiful, try using an alternative to serve your Eggnog.



Lead was often used to give vivid pigment to paints. When using the dishwasher, the glaze on our much loved plates and bowls can be worn away, allowing the lead to seep into foods.

The highest risk would be those that are painted, tinted or brightly coloured.

We suggest washing these by hand If they are to be used, and try to avoid hot water.



Many people bring out the fancy stuff for Christmas, but please be cautious, particularly with older family heirlooms. The older the cutlery, the more likely they are to contain high levels of lead.

Ingesting lead is the most dangerous lead poisoning risk, therefore, lead contaminated cutlery is the biggest risk at the dinner table.




Antique toys

Who doesn’t love a trip to the vintage store and op-shops? Most of the toys are kept in great condition and are quite new. If you are lucky you might find an old toy you used as a child. Ahhh, nostalgia. Lead was often used in metal components and the paint used on childrens toys in the 70’s and prior.

Imported toys

Family overseas? Purchasing presents online? In some countries lead is not completely outlawed within the manufacturing industry. Another to be mindful of when unwrapping or gifting.



Jewellery… the ultimate accessory. Lead in jewellery was phased out in 1970, but that doesn’t mean all existing jewellery was terminated. A lot of vintage jewellery is still circulating within families or collectors stores.



Lead used for pigment in lipsticks, cream products and eyeliners.

Australia has banned all lead in makeup, so most are safe these days. This isn’t to say that same colour your Grandma has been wearing for years is free from lead. Who ever gets to the end of a lipstick anyway? Those things last forever!



Such an adorable and fun DIY gift. Made of shattered glass or tiles, you can either make this gift yourself or purchase that one you’ve been eyeing off in the op-shops. Given lead contamination was widely known amongst the tile industry, you can see where the concern lies with mosaics.

As long as you are using new tiles, you should be in the safe zone.


If you would like any more information on restricted materials testing, please see links below:

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