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Healthy Houseplants

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

As the weather cools, we are slowly retreating inside from the elements. So, it’s an important time of year for our indoor plants to be in good condition.

To some the houseplant is a joy, watching them grow and brighten up the living room makes the day. However, some of you may have differing opinions. A lot of us have constant trouble with maintaining the indoor plant, having a long line of the deceased composted and laid to rest. I can completely sympathise as indoor plants

are much more difficult to manage than one may think.

However, below are four important elements you can make sure you don’t forget about. If you master them all your houseplants will become something to be proud of.


Indoor plants need watering once a week. However, before you go ahead and tip a waterfall onto it, press a finger to the soil to see if it’s damp or dry. Only water if the soil is dry. If it’s standing in a

water saucer make sure you remove it frequently and/or empty the water out consistently so the plant can breathe and doesn’t drown.


Do not be afraid to take off those slightly sad dying leaves and cut back those branches when need be. The braver you are and the more you cut back (within reason) the fuller your plants will become. It is very important for your plants leaves to breathe so make sure you wipe off any dust that settles on them with a damp cloth to ensure they can take those deep breaths.


Your plant may need repotting if it’s drying out frequently or has halted in growth. Check the roots by carefully removing the pot and if they are crowded, growing together, or circling the pot you may need to think of repotting. Choose a pot slightly larger in diameter than the present one. Loosen the plant roots carefully. If the plant is only small, and you haven’t already taken it out of it’s pot, place your hand over the topsoil of the plant, turn the pot upside-down and carefully shimmy the plant out of the pot. Sometimes I find you need to give it a firm tap on the bottom of the pot to make it come out. Grab your new pot beside you, and transfer the plant into it. Turn the plant back to it’s upright position making sure that the base of the plant is at least one inch below the rim then add soil all around it. When complete, water thoroughly.


Plants love the sun, however, in Australia, as I’m sure we have all experienced, too much of it

can be overwhelming. Plants exposed to too much direct sunlight can show leaf burns. So, to make sure this does not happen move the plant slightly away from your window or add sheer curtains to filter the sunlight.

Now that I have hopefully enriched your knowledge of how to keep your precious house plants prospering, why not challenge yourself and get a few more?

Good luck!


Article written by Ellie Le Messurier

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