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Looking Closely - Finding lead in unexpected places

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

A standout lead in paint survey we conducted this year was a house built in the 1930's in the suburb of Mount Hawthorn, in Perth, Australia.

Area of interest lead in paint testing
Area of interest - Seeing the pastel pink paint raised concerns with the property owners during renovations.

The owners of the property are deep into renovations. Part of these renovations include removing paint and walls from various areas around the home. During this process the owners noticed what they thought could be lead paint.

To be on the safe side, they contacted us immediately to carry out a lead in paint test around the property.

There was no lead paint in the point of interest, shown in this photo.

As we went around the property, interestingly the bathroom came back with levels of lead above the recommended safe amount.

All the walls in the bathroom were positive for lead in paint. This was surprising, but not as unforeseen as the bathroom sink!

Lead in paint old sink
Unforeseen results - this sink read high levels of lead in paint

The sink came back with a reading of 2.18mg/cm2 lead in paint.

To put this into perspective, the legally regulated limit of lead in zinc primers on painted surfaces is <0.4mg/cm2. Making this sink well above the recommended levels.

The bathroom was not on the owners radar prior to our analysis for an area to take special care with.

As a result of this lead paint survey, the owners now have the knowledge of where to take special care when renovating their home.

Thinking of renovating your house and are unsure about lead paint? This is a great resource to utilise!

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