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Our Guide to Creating a Recycled Herb Garden

A recycled herb garden is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Using old tin cans from soups, sauces, and other pantry staples, you can create your very own culinary herb garden to freshen up your home and cooking.

Step One: Prepare the Tin Cans

The first step is to collect cans of all different sizes and wash them out well. For a clean and modern look, you can remove the packaging and labels from your cans. Soak the tin cans in hot soapy water mixed with vegetable oil for 5 minutes, and the label will peel right off.

Step Two: Potting Soil

Next, you will need to gather soil from your garden or purchase good quality soil from your local nursery. Fill the base of the tin can with rocks / pebbles for drainage, then add two - thirds soil. It is important to ensure that the soil is within the recommended nutrient values and free from harmful contaminants. For more information on our soil testing visit the following link:

Step Three: Select the herbs

When selecting the herbs for your garden, be sure to research the conditions each herb thrives in, so that you can best care for your garden. It is also useful to consider which herbs would be most useful to your cooking. A small herb garden in your kitchen is a great way to encourage you to include interesting flavors and add variety to your meals.

Step Four: Plant the Herbs

The fourth step is to place the seedlings in a row, lightly water and place towards to sun. Herbs which thrive indoors are basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley and oregano.

Top tip: If you are placing two different types of herbs in the same tin, make sure they have similar watering/sunlight requirements. For example, rosemary and sage thrive in direr environments so they could be planted together in the same recycled tin.

Don’t forget to label your herb garden, so that you can easily identify your favorite herbs. Applying chalk paint is a great way to label and decorate your herb garden.

Your herb garden is designed to grow with you. Once the herbs have outgrown the recycled tin cans, or you are looking to switch up the selection of herbs in your kitchen, they can be transferred to a vegetable garden patch.

Happy Gardening!

Want to know more about how our soil testing works? See our previous article here:

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