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Things are looking fishy!

Keeping fish often means buying accessories to create a happy living environment. This month we discovered not all accessories are made equal.

Fish Tank Air Hose from eBay
Fish Tank Air Hose from eBay

This fish tank air hose bought off eBay broke shortly after installation.

But why?

Results screen Alloys from Bruker S1 Titan
Results screen from Bruker S1 Titan

Using a Bruker S1 Titan it was discovered that the fish tank air hose was 98% lead.

To put this result in perspective, the hose contained 97.9% more lead than the safe recommended amount to be included in an object.

Spectra lead peak
Spectra from fish tank air hose showing a large lead peak

Lead is a very malleable metal. This explains why the fish tank air hose was quick to break and bend out of shape once installed in the fish tank.

Interested in learning more? This is a great place to start!

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