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What will my Lead Paint House Survey Report look like?

The Lead Paint House Surveys are a quick, nondestructive method of testing for the presence of lead within homes. Our qualified technicians use portable XRF technology instruments to perform the survey and provide you with confidence and understanding of what potential hazards may present.

The house survey is a 1.5hr appointment and gathers up to 100 readings. Upon completion and data review, we provide a detailed report of the analysis results.

The portable XRFs are used to analyse various structures, features, and items within and surrounding your home, according to the clients’ areas of interest or concern.

We can test for traces of lead in the following areas;

1. Door and door frames

2. Skirting

3. Windows frames

4. External cladding treatment (weatherboard, timber, sheeting, other as applicable)

5. Walls

6. Bathrooms

7. Household items

8. Garden soil

Our XRF analyser can even test the lining of drained pools.

Our Lead Paint House Survey includes the analysis and detailed report. The report includes the following;

  • Explanation of results

  • General summary

  • Labelled diagram of the layout of the house/residence

  • Table of results

Example of a table of results:

The table includes all the results from the analyses and highlights the readings above 0.4mg/cm2 in red, which indicates that it exceeds the ‘safe’ level of lead. The results are labelled with a ‘Area’ and ‘Surface’ so that the results are clear to read/understand, and the client knows the exact item or area the result corresponds to.

The lead paint house survey is an ideal service for anyone that is concerned with traces of lead in their paint, and or household items. If lead is detected, the report outlines the contaminated areas of the home that may require professional attention for removal. The purpose of this service is to provide clients with the lead readings, so that they can determine the best course of action for their home and family’s health.

HHAG can provide you with details of a professional for the removal.

For further information please refer to the following document issued by the Australian Government for information on dealing with Lead Paint.

Instrument Make/Model used: Bruker S1 TITAN 800

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