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What will my soil report look like?

Our soil sampling is a great way to ensure your gardens have the healthiest of soils to thrive. But how does it work? Are the results hard to read or understand? Keep reading to see the process and what you can expect from a soil test.

We ask you to send in your samples in zip lock bags. This allows for tidy travel, minimal cross contamination and clearly marked areas. See below;

Once your soil samples are received, they will be dried (if wet) before sampling. Water can affect the results and we need to ensure they are as accurate as possible. We use Bruker Titan instruments for all testing as they allow us to test for a wide range of nutrients and contaminants.

Your results are keyed into a soil report card, to then be reviewed by our in-house Geologist and Chemist, who analyse the spectra and confirm accuracy of the data. A write up will be given to summarise all results, highlight any concerns and other important information.

You will receive a report that looks as follows;

Included with this information, you will receive details on what potential these nutrients and contaminants have to cause harm to your garden, as well as their benefits. This report is a great tool to seek further advice from gardening centres or specialists.

For pricing, head to soil sampling page here:

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