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Soil Testing - Heavy Metals

Heavy metal contamination can be found in domestic soils for many reasons including lead paint flaking into the garden, leaded petrol and previous uses of the site such as industrial use. Although Lead is the most prevelant of these contaminants Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium VI, Copper, Manganese, Mercury (inorganic), Nickel and Zinc can also cause health problems if present in levels above safe environmental limits.


Plants are very good at uptake of these elements from the soil when they are present. It is also important to know that the environment is safe for children as one of the leading causes of high lead levels in children is from hand to mouth transmission of lead from the environment they are in.

Residential A - with garden/accessible soil (home grown produce <10% fruit and vegetable intake (no poultry), also includes childcare centres, preschools and primary schools.

Residential B - with minimal opportunities for soil access; includes dwellings with fully and permanently paved yard space such as high-rise buildings and apartments.

Residential C - Public open space such as parks, playgrounds, playing fields (e.g. ovals), secondary schools and footpaths.

Bruker Titan XRF undertaking soil analysis in a vegetable patch

Healthy Homes & Gardens  can offer a survey of your garden with a full map and report on up to 10 elements in your backyard. This giving you peace of mind that you are growing your organic vegetables in healthy soil and that your children are playing in a healthy environment. 

We can also test the wood in your garden for Arsenic which has traditionally been used to treat timber up until 2005 when the Australian Pesticides and  Veterinary Medicnes Auhority recommended restricting the use of timber treated in this way. (for full report go to

Download our soil sampling service information brochure

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